LFSE Technical Learning Outcomes:

6 Month Training Program:


Physical Awareness (To develop)

·        Speed

·        Balance

·        Agility

·        Co-ordination


·        In slow

·        Correct part of the foot to turn

·        Keep the ball under control after you turn

·        Accelerate away


·        Keep the ball close

·        Look around

·        Change of speed

·        Change of direction

·        Use of all surfaces of the feet

Striking & Control (A,B,C,D)

·        Angle and Approach to the ball

·        Balance on one leg and Bend your knees

·        Make Contact in the Centre of the ball with the Centre of your cleats, (remember to lock your ankle)

·        Give the ball a new Direction with your 1st touch

Game Awareness (To develop)

·        Awareness of self and others

·        Understanding of playing area

·        Understanding of basic rules

·        Team work